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Hi ~

I'm e lis abeth mccachren.   I am a new mama to one, Malcolm Sylvester,  and partner to Phillip.  I will refer to my baby boy as Sly and my partner as Papa Bear here in the internet-sphere.  I am working on embodying my (newly realized) dream job of domestic goddess (half-joke, half-truth, but aren't most things?).

When I'm not at home cooking, creating, baby-wrangling, avoiding cleaning, & attempting to maintain sanity, I love to share the teachings of Yoga with mamas, babes, & anyone with an open heart. I am also a trained Doula, supporting families in the transformative process of birth.

I am blessed to live in the NC mountains, where beauty surrounds me and I can spend lots of time in nature.  I am learning all I can about Tantra, herbal health, birth, urban-homesteading, and living a simple, purposeful life.  I like to write, read, cook, laugh, craft, do handstands, drink coffee, dance freely and snuggle with loved ones.

Thanks for visiting!  I'd love to hear your voice in the comments as we gather in online-community.
Blessings to your and yours ~ lis


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  2. Aww Lis you are amazing. I'm glad you have a blog through this experience since I have been countries away from you but now even though I am only a few hours away it still helps me connect with you and understand the beautiful changes that are happening in your life. So thanks for taking the time to write and upload pictures. Can't wait to see you in Boone sometime soon and get to see this beautiful blue eyed baby that was in your belly last time I saw you!! By the way send me your number or a way to contact you. I still have the same one but switched phones and lost my contacts. Until then, much love- Sarah

  3. Lis! This is sooo great. I'm so happy to hear that you're leading of life of mindfulness and joy! Much Love, Sai <3


This blog is a creative exploration for a busy mama. I appreciate your comments so much, and look forward to reading them all. Your thoughts, questions and expressions inspire me and help me to keep learning. I read all comments and will respond as soon as possible to any questions.

Thank you for stopping by, and please visit again soon~ lis

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