Thursday, July 28, 2011


thankfully, Inspiration seems endless! why do i feel like creating this space? let's see if i can compile a list:

::The Birth of my son. It set a fire in my heart, a passion for the incredible journey we women get to take in order to Give Birth. I am amazed at how extraordinary and how completely ordinary birth is, all at once. I am forever changed, and deeply motivated to share confidence and knowledge with women about the birthing process.

::My new family! As we grow together, there is so much to learn, and do, and love!

::Extended family! They are so curious about how the baby boy is growing, this blog is a good way to keep 'em updated. My mom and brother were just visiting, heard me talking enthusiastically about birth, mama-hood and yoga, and the lessons they offer, and they said "You should write about that"!

::Journaling as a Yoga practice. I have long kept a journal by my mat to record insights and "write through" my experiences. As a new mama, I currently have more opportunity to reflect and record than I do to practice asana. It's a time of sitting practice.

::My kitchen! Delicious, fresh food everyday. Good nutrition for mind, body and soul, and oh so worthy of sharing.

::Other bloggers. Y'all make me want to jump in the conversations about mothering, creating, and living from the heart. I have much to say, by golly!

::A humble Desire for knowledge. I will share as I seek, ask and process.

::In a similar vein, all of my Life-Teachers, the endless ways they appear, formally and informally.

::The booming season of summer. A time to let new things take root, and grow!

::A place to share photos of the beauty we're weaving

That's as much as I can consolidate right now, though the list could go on and on ...
What inspires you to do what you do?

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