Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Atha! Now!

Atha is the sanskrit word for now, and I know it from the first sutra of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras: ATHA YOGANUSANAM Now is the time to practice Yoga! or Now is the practice of Yoga being made! (The exclamation points are my own interpretation because, well, I believe they are worthy!)

Oh, Now, is never a stronger word than when you are a mama! Days are so full, my moments are packed, and packed in the best way with learning, giggling, and cuddling bursting the seams. With all this love surrounding our sweet baby, the moments alone are few and far between. I share all my space these days, and am so blessed to do so.

Early this morning, however, I saw a window of time that could be all mine, and that word, Atha, Now, came into my mind. I crept out of bed, leaving a sleeping babe to snuggly with his Papa. I stood in a steamy shower, letting the hot water massage my shoulders. Then, I rolled out my orange sticky mat, and enjoyed it all to my Self. Most times on my mat these days I am accompanied by a wiggly, sometimes fussy, sometimes giggly little baby. I focus on his happiness and my physical well-being at the same time. But today, alone, I had the opportunity to just soak in me, rest my spirit, and truly have an inner-body experience.

So thankful that I seized the Now-ness of the morning. It made all the difference in the day. It helped me to be more present in all the shared moments that followed.

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