Friday, August 5, 2011

Gifts of Breastfeeding

This post is part of how I wanted to celebrate Worldwide Breastfeeding Week.

Feeding Sly on his 2nd day of Life

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed. What I didn't know was how to do it (that took me and Sly 20 worrisome hours to figure out; so silly to think of my worry now with the mass amount of breastfeeding he does).

Or how to do it all the time. Because it sure feels like my little man needs it All The Time. And since I am not sitting at home alone All The Time (anymore), I have quickly become very comfortable with breastfeeding where ever we are. Not only do I feel okay doing it anywhere now, I feel that I should do it in public. It is good for my baby to have his needs met as soon as he expresses them. This encourages him to trust me, his Mama, and know that I am there for whatever he needs. I could go on and on about health benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby, but kellymom has done an awesome job of that over on her site, as well as LaLecheLeague, and Dr. Sears.

I want to look at social benefits of nursing in public. It is good for the general public to see breastfeeding, because breastfeeding is feeding a baby in the normal way babies are intended to be fed. I see this as taking nursing in public to the level of being a part of consciousness shifting. Moving from the singular to the community, from the sexual to the normal, the disturbing to the beautiful. We all benefit from having our limits expanded, transforming old ideas to be more accepting. I certainly thought my personal limit might be nursing in public with a cover over my baby, however, Sly doesn't like his head covered so ... that's that. My boundaries expanded, and in turn the general public's boundaries are also pushed, hopefully to expansion. It's good to be reminded that the breast primary purpose is for food.

And the bonding that comes to me and my baby through breast feeding ... WOW ... the sweetest thing I may ever know is staring into Sly's eyes while he nurses. Or when he snuggles up to my breast to sleep after filling his belly. Mama means comfort, safety, and Home. I LOVE this job.

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