Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everything is Yoga

This is a post for yoga-junkies.

Everything is Yoga.  The more I live, since I've stepped into this practice, the more this is true.  Yoga is everywhere, in everything.  It resides in all emotions, in each moment, in each particle of my being.  There it is: an opportunity to live with greater intention, deeper awareness, to uncover pure desire.  Everything alive is binding, yoking, to Life itself.  And we can say that Life itself, is the Divine itself.  Oh Yeah.  I'll yoke to that.

This is a radical view, that everything is Yoga.  Everything?  No way!  Oh, YES way, I say.  To cry, to laugh, to feel boredom, anger, overwhelmed or focused - it's all Yoga.  Each emotion teaches us, helps us refine our goals, and know, really know, who we are.

I hear crickets singing their song.  Chirping, buzzing, doing their heart's delight.  That's Yoga.
I see leaves crinkle up, trees embracing the chilly weather, letting go of what they do not need.  That's Yoga.
I smell onions browning, chocolate melting, savory and sweet preparing to enter my body, nourish my cells.  That's Yoga.
I feel little hands holding onto my arms.  A tiny nose rubbing back and forth on my chest.  A baby clinging to his gateway into the earthly realms.  That's Yoga.
I taste clean water, in the absence of other flavors I can taste "clean" and "fresh" and "pure".  That's Yoga.

Oh, and that wonderful movement on my mat each day, opening and softening and strengthening my body... Yeah, that's Yoga too.

I am a Mother now.  The opportunities to practice on my mat are more limited than ever before.  Yet, I feel that my Yoga is deeper.  Being a parent requires awareness in the sharpest and subtlest of ways.  At the same time.  All the things I aim to practice on my mat: patience, perseverance, discipline, softness and strength, a free mind and open heart;  Motherhood teaches these qualities more than my mat can.

I am helping my baby boy's free spirit take root in his body.  Every time we step onto our mats isn't that what we are trying to do - harness our spirits within our bodies?  Make a deeper connection between body and spirit?  We become embodied in this life to enjoy our spirits.  It is fascinating to observe and assist a tiny being with this process of becoming embodied.  Our bodies are the tools by which we know our spirits, and through this union, we can know our deepest desires.  Body and Spirit and "I" are yoked.  That's Yoga.

I enjoyed my first Yoga class last night since Sly's been born.  We focused on sensitivity.  I am so thankful that this practice allows, and encourages us to be more sensitive.  To be more of who we are.  To taste, touch, listen, smell and see fully.  Like a baby.  Doing it all for the first time, every time.  I yoke to that.

I offer much thanks and love for my Anusara Yoga teachers for helping me uncover and know these truths.  And much, much thanks to Life, the great teacher, for veiling and unveiling, spinning the web of knowing, taking me on this wild ride, so that I may experience the tangibility of Yoga.


  1. I could say the same about Birth! Your passion is your life, your passion is my life ~ I so love being yoked to you, love!

  2. so true. as i was writing this i thought, "well, everything is birth too. or music. or nature. or art. or a garden."


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