Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Four Moons Old

Sly was born on May 27th, just days before the New Moon of June.  Today he is 4 months old.  And today is the 4th New Moon since his birth.  In the last few weeks of my pregnancy I wondered how his birth would correspond to the Moon cycles, just as I used to observe my fertility in relationship with the Moon.  Would he come out in the powerful, loud, brightness of the Full Moon?  Or wait for the introspection, the moment where death and birth join, the stillness of the New Moon?  He was 4 days from the New, and his personality is a mix of both with a tendency towards the introspective side.  He has a great balance of curiosity and comfort, sometimes shutting out the outside world and other times flirting with everyone.  I look forward to seeing how he unfolds as he grows (and I really want to have his chart done!  anyone know of anyone good in the Boone area?).

And, my! How he's grown already!  It amazes me how much change can be held in just 4 months.  From 7 lbs to 17!  From sleeping all day long, to just 3 naps (sometimes very short, or nursing Mama the whole time, albeit) a day.  These four months feel like a life-time.  A year ago, when I was just discovering the baby in my belly, well that is EONS ago.  A friend asked me yesterday if I knew I'd be doing this, mothering, one year ago.  My response was that I did not know how cool it would be.  It is so cool.

I awoke this morning to Papa Bear saying "Happy four month birthday" and smothering Sly in kisses in the dark.  When the sun came up we went outside to "Cheers" the day.  I took some photos to compare his growth.  And as the sun sets tonight, we embrace the dark of the new moon, celebrating my boys fourth moon on this earth.

Here's is some photos of his first few days of life and from today.
Five days old

Six days old

Two weeks old :: Photo by Susie Mitchell

I'm gonna turn my head and this babe will be crawling!

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