Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Work in Progress

I was going to write a post and show you my works-in-progress, knitting and reading wise.  Then I thought to myself, "Well, my whole life is a work in progress!  How can I take a picture of all that?"  I just don't think all of my works in progress can be captured by a photo.  Or even with words.  There's just so much I'm working on doing and being.  So many projects I've started already, at least in my head if not in action.  Yet when I reflect back at the end of the day, sometimes all I have "done" is held, nursed and played with Sly.  Maybe a load of laundry.  Probably a meal or two.  Possibly some asana and reading.  Hopefully a walk outside. This path of parenthood is really one of the greatest practices in patience.  It's a much needed practice for my life.  I have a tendency to get lost in goals and sometimes struggle to reign myself back in and say "Not now, Lis.  You have plenty of time in your life to become, do, create ______ (unleash a whole chain of desires here)."

My heart desires to start a garden, become a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher, develop sewing skills, begin the journey on the midwives path, Oh and be a really great, aware mama that gets to spend lots of time at home, too.  This is just the cream of the list.  But right now it is absolutely imperative that I spend this time, this precious new-born-baby-first-time-mom time just sitting. listening. wanting. processing. deciding...

Because ultimately, the goal is to be my self and shine my inner light.  Shining my light. aligning with the Divine doesn't have to mean accomplishing 100 things a day.  Being present with my child is a great accomplishment.  My Self is ever evolving, (as is yours, my friend).  I set intentions each day, each week, each month, and the surrender them to the ocean of life.   While working towards goals is important and necessary, the simmering in the present, the releasing of to-dos is really just as necessary.   In this sense, I hope that I am always a "work in progress".

So Now, I join in with Ginny of Small Things for the "Yarn Along".  A dear friend has offered me her stash of wool yarn to make hats for my family this fall.  This beautiful blue is for my baby boy, and I better knit quickly because his head is growing so fast!  Already 17 inches!  Along with the yarn, I am reading You are Your Childs First Teacher and How to Know Higher Worlds.  Both are borrowed from a friend, and are about Waldorf education/the philosophies of Rudolf Steiner.  I am loving my introduction to Waldorf, it feels very natural and common sense to me, and I am so excited to learn more.  

For more yarn and reading inspiration, be sure to visit Small Things (link above) and take the tour of all those participating in this weeks Yarn Along.

Also, blessed International Day of Peace to you all.  How's that for a work in progress?!  Let's work together and love together, because wether we like it or not, we live together.  Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 

Coca tea, reminiscent of the peace I found one year ago,  in Sacred Valley of Peru

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  1. Thanks for the shared inspiration. I just re-realized how much I've accomplished in the past 12 years since I was home reading and nursing and starting my midwifery education. Oh. big oh.


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