Thursday, October 13, 2011

desitination: unknown

I right a post about my goals.  A post about attachment parenting.  A post with recipes.  A post about breastfeeding.  A post about yoga.  Oh, and lots of photos of a cute baby are included always.  So ... what's going on here?  What is this all about?
Well friends, I just don't know!  Months before Sly was born when I began reading blogs, I thought, "Oh, I'll right one about being a yogini-mama ... something like Yama, Niyama, Yoga Mama (it sounds fun, yes?)".  I thought that could be a nice niche.  And it still may be.
Then I started writing and told myself, "Oh, this is a great way to share updates with the grandparents about my growing boy".  But, really sometimes I want to write about things that the grandparents might not give a hoot about.  Or they may even rather not read.  If this was just a cute family diary, it would be silly to post it on the web for all to find.
In a quest to find my direction, I am just writing about anything.  I like to write about our days.  I also like to write about beliefs I hold strongly.  I like to write about my inspirations.  Sometimes, though, I want to offer a reality check post, like when I change the sheets and then someone immediately pees on them; I change them again and that same someone spits up chunky milk on them, at which point I say, whatever and just leave the sheets on.  My posts will surely include some cute baby photos because I live with a darn-cute baby.  And my posts will be about being a yoga-mama, because that is me.  I just don't know where these posts will take us ...
I recently created an {about lis} page for this blog.  In it I said that here "I aim to create and share joy". I suppose that is an open-ended enough vision.  But I feel I must be clear, that in my aims to create and share joy, I will remain authentic.  This is as much a commitment to myself as it is a statement (warning?) to you all out there reading.  As a new-comer to the blog world, reading so many different voices, many of who paint a pretty picture of life and many more who inspire me, it is all to easy loose oneself in weaving the story of my life into what I want my life to be, seamlessly.   This is what we all are doing, bloggers, talkers, thinkers, people.  We are all weaving our narratives: truth mixed with hopes, dreams, and jokes, most likely.
The important thing to me is not to separate out the bits of truth from inspiration, but to keep up my own voice.  It feels a lofty commitment, to keep up my own voice while I am still in some ways finding my own voice.  Yet, I must do it!  (And you must, too!  Please!)  I commit to being authentic, in this space just as I am trying to be authentic in all aspects of my life.  
So I don't know what route this blog is to take.  I see it as a living thing, after all we are in The Living Tapestry.  I will likely wander around many different turns before (if ever!) I hit a smooth (ha!) stride of  blogging.  You're welcome to stick around, in fact, please do.  You can even leave your thoughts, ideas, sentiments, advice in the comments if you feel inclined  But consider this a disclaimer: I don't know just where we are going.

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