Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ten Small Joys

I've been away from this space for almost a week.  An unintentional hiatus, but life is full and internet time is sparse these days.

I was inspired by SouleMama to make this post, (I am a devoted fan, borderline obsessed, yes indeed).  It feels good to list the simple joys of the present moment, so here it goes:

:: visiting a brand new baby, and her sweet family ::
:: back carries in the ergo ::
:: the bluest skies in Autumn ::
:: red corduroy pants ::
:: wearing my apron around the house ::
:: a new favorite path to take walks on ::
:: stacks and stacks of new books to read ::
:: baking bread ::
:: working in my best friends garden ::
:: mums on the door step ::

I want to do this more often, recount the small joys of the day.  In this way I look for and savor the good.  Amidst the laundry loads, dirty diapers, trying to establish bedtime routines (ha!) and plentiful other challenges of being a new mama, this is a positive practice.  Makes my life look and feel lovely.  Because it is, including the challenges, it is all love-ly.

I intend to post more in the next few days!  Hope to meet you here.

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