Friday, October 28, 2011

::this moment::

{this moment} - A Friday ritual inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, SouleMama.  In Amanda's words: "A moment I want to pause, savor and remember."

This week, my moment requires words.  In fact, there is no picture at all.  It was a moment so perfect that all I could do was savor and be in it.  I didn't want to extract my self for a second to take a photo, and I must write about it because I want to remember this moment for years and years...

One evening this week, I went to my first acupuncture alone since the baby's been here.  He stayed at home with Papa Bear.  We've been having some trouble giving him the bottle, so on my way home I was rushing, and fully anticipating the worst scenario: Sly screaming and Papa Bear exhausted, holding him out to me as soon as I pulled in the driveway.  Instead, what I came home to made my heart melt.  Papa Bear had the music cranked up, Sister Sledge's "We are a Family", and a dance party was rockin'.  I laughed out loud when I saw it through the windows.  The funky chicken, the butterfly, my smiling boy on the floor doing the worm!  Then I came in to join.  We sang and danced and laughed.  This moment was so full of love, so full of fun!  My heart was saying "I love my family, I love my man" over and over again.  (Why had I worried and rushed?  Papa Bear's got this.)  I hope I never, never forget this moment.  

If you are inspired, please leave your own moment in the comments below.  Check out SouleMama (link above) for a tour of others *moments* this week, many of them captured in beautiful photos.
Blessings for a heart-felt weekend <3


  1. Yes! It is so hard to let go of that pull to be with our children at all times, isn't it? But we are shown over and over again that others (especially daddies) can love our babies just as well as we can. Thanks for sharing this moment, even without image.

    I'd love to share my moment with you as well, if you are interested.

  2. Oh, you just made me cry. Love that and so glad you shared the words.
    Happy Weekend!


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