Sunday, August 12, 2012

this weekend


yes, my tomato plants seriously lean that much ...

a lovely weekend full of sun and blue skies by day
rain and crickets and stars by night

a trip to the library because the baby has taken an interest in books
a trip to the thrift store for shelves, a mirror and little glass treasures
walks with the dog and the man
harvesting a little food from our garden, and a lot from the farmers market
a beer date with my lover one night
then eating eggs for dinner 3 nights in a row!

a nook in the maple for balancing beverages out of baby's reach

on Sunday there was
yoga in the yard to the sound of
drum-line practice in the distance;
a baby in flannel and shoes!
learning to drive my new stick-shift Subaru
out on the open road for the first time.
i cast on for a lovely purple wool hat
for my self, a rarity;
and tried to tackle the piecing together of a baby blanket,
maybe it will be a 15 month blanket?
Sly and i went out to Creeksong Farm
for a visit with the CSA crew
and to peek at their lovely crops & animals.
the drive there and back was gorgeous & green,
hydrangeas, dahlias, black eyed susans were spotted,
and also, the first bits of orange and gold in the trees.
then, enjoying a hard cider left over from last year,
because, ohhhh
it feels like fall
is coming soon.

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