Tuesday, November 20, 2012

what i'm in to

It feels like so much is going on in my life right now that I am constantly questing for more hours in the day.  I get this itch inside me to expand time, to work diligently at creating more time, or even to make time slow down.  I was reminded recently by a dear mentor that the problem is not "we need more hours in the day", it is this view that we can fit more into a 24 hour time span than truthfully can be fit in there.  I cannot, in fact, create a 25th hour.  And, I am thankful for this fact, because at the end of a days work when the baby is asleep and dinner has been eaten (but not cleaned up) I am so, so glad that there is not another hour.  I am so so glad in the evenings that my work is then to rest.

I've been processing these ideas: to expand time, to slow down time, to accept time as it is, and ultimately to make the best use of the time on my hands.  To do the work that I love.  Let meets my heart in the deepest way rise to the top of my "to-dos".  There are absolute rules of hours in the day, yet what I can do with each day is infinite.  I'm working to know this and live this each moment.  To bless the mess or clean the mess depending on what feels best.  I'm working to spend my days rich in time because each moment has been lived.  And thus, my work has shifted.

I saw a picture going around Facebook a while back that said "Stop the glorification of busy!".  My whole body and soul reply YES! to this sentiment.

Here's a bit of what I have been into ....

7 am is a good time to ride the rockin' Ganesha, right?!

~Loving how much my little dude loves wood.  He wants to watch and help and carry some wood for himself.  It's silly and precious.
~Relishing, reworking, and settling into the teachings of Douglas Brooks from a weekend in Charlotte. It was better than I could have imagined, filled me up and left me wanting more (as all good teachings & times spent should!)
~Making sweet treats to send to family for Thanksgiving.  The first batch of Peppermint Bark is cooling in the fridge!  Now if they can just make it out of the house ....
~Writing and posting affirmations around our home.  Little reminders to help keep my thoughts aligned with my goals.
~Loving working with the new mamas in Baby & Beloved Yoga classes.  Seeing a full class is a clear visual that new mamas need movement, community, gentleness and support as they (we!) move into a new kind of life.
~Reading The Winter Solstice and meditating greatly on how to move intentionally & simply through the upcoming holidays.  At once blissed by the freedom to create rituals that feel just right for our family, and simultaneously heavy & daunted.
~Laughing & encouraging the marker & crayon explosions happening on a near-daily basis.  It's as much fun for a toddler to dump out all the colors as it is to actually color with them.
~Excited to find out about a Birthing Center just off the mountain a bit.  This is a challenge I've heard a few times from Mamas-to-be in my area, that there isn't a birthing center in our town.  This one's a good drive away still, but the option is there and I'm pumped to find out about it!
~Savoring all the hugs, kisses and snuggles this wily toddler is giving.  Papa Bear and I both are just breathing them all in.  We can't get enough of Sly's sugar.
~Eating lots of delicious local food, still deep into the fall.  We had local duck AND lamb last week.  There's greens and roots on our plate each night from farmers our own town.  Huge thanks to those of you growing food out there!  I am inspired, satisfied, and incredibly grateful.  

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  1. I have also been having a problem with time lately. I just had my third and final child and I desperately want time to slow down. I try to take my mental and real photos so that I can savor his babyhood. Each day I try to tell myself not to be sad about not having a 1 month old every again but to be happy and enjoy each moment.



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