Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor (day) Blessings

I joined in a women's circle this Labor Day weekend to celebrate and bless the path of a friend preparing for birth.  Below is a poem of reflection from my labor with Sly-Baby, that I offered to the beautiful Sierra at her Blessingway.  Also, some pictures from my Blessingway (indoors) and hers (outdoors).  Happy holiday and blessings to all the Mama's out there!

Step into the fire that burns bright at a time darker than night.
The fire burns to purify you and usher in yours.
The fire is Creation; It is Creating.
Breath deep in the cavern of your soul.
You sit on the cusp of Heaven and Earth, timeless. 
From that infinite place your baby will be born.
The wind blows on breath, rousing the waters of Creation.
Water floods the fire of your Yoni, and Baby is brought to Earth.
A perfect dance; An alchemy only birth can create.
Listen to The Mother of us all.
Listen to The Child of us all. 
Ancient spirits & Innate wisdom.
You know exactly what to do.

Blessed are we women to experience the journey of Birth.
To touch our absolute freedom and definite limits in the same moment. 
To tap into The Source.
To expand in body and heart greater than we knew possible.
"Mama" is a title of honor.

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