Tuesday, September 25, 2012



Lately in our house there's been much cozy-making.  I'm welcoming the chill of fall; It feels just right to turn inwards.  Here's some of what we've been up to:

::Drinking hot tea all day long!  I've even got my little guy in the routine of drinking a warm beverage in the morning, be it a nettle infused cider or warm milk with cinnamon.

::Lots of soup making.  Chicken soups x2, the second one with goldenrod (thanks for the tip Anna!).  We're roasting a whole organic chicken a week, fresh from the Watuga County Farmer's Market, then using the left overs for healing broth and soup.  I'm looking forward to stocking my freezer with a few of these for winter.  Last night was the season's first chili ~ YUM!

::Spending as much time outside as possible.  Starting with coffee and meditation on the porch each morning, this morning with lots of layers on.  Then, each afternoon me and the boy play in the yard.  I try to do some work or knitting, but I end up chasing the baby instead.  And sealing the evening with a beverage on the porch, taking in the last bits of sunlight with my sweetheart.


::Papa Bear's been working hard to fill up our wood shed.  I'm excited for the first fire of the season, imagining that will happen soon.  We plan to use only wood for heat this winter, so there'll be no propane in the tank.  I'm looking forward to learning when to burn which woods, how to rage the fire up in the morning, and keep it going slow all night.  It's good work.

::This week's cold spell has coerced me into some internet shopping.  It's time to re-stock our wool socks, order the baby some woolen long underwear, and a sweet pair of bogs for his toddling feet.  And now I'm cut off from money spending, 'til I make some at least!

::I've been putting a lot of heart & mind energy into building my Doula & Yoga business.  I signed up for the Rock Your Birth Business business mentoring course with Stephanie Dawn and Karen Brody.  Class starts in October and I am so excited to work with both of these incredibly empowering & inspiring women.  Equally exciting is seeing my vision for Birth Work unfold, meeting & working with my ideal clients, and helping new families unfold themselves & grow in the most loving way possible.  I'm swimming in new ideas for classes, workshops and even a retreat!  Wooo!  Lots of goodness coming to me, and any of you mamas out there should you choose to join me. Feeling so grateful for the support of the business class as it all starts to unfurl and uplevel!

::Me and the babe have been spending most of our days at home, thanks in part to Mama's stuffy nose.  It has been so lovely though, focusing on my life at home.  Seriously all I've done most days for the last week is laundry, cook meals, and play with Sly.  We've gone out for walks and a trip to the park as I was feeling better, but mostly I've just been home.  It feels really good.

::When not at home, I have been learning to drive my stick shift!  It was so intimidating to me for a long time, yet I really wanted to learn.  So here I am, cruising, er, bumping along the streets of Boone in my 5-speed Subaru.  I'm no where near smooth, and I stick to the back roads as much as I can, but I'm learning.  Letting go of fear each time I get in the car.  Phew!

::Sly has night-weaned.  This is a reason to rejoice, because not only has he stopped nursing multiple times a night, he has allowed us to comfort him back to sleep all in our family bed.  He was angry for the first couple of nights, but Papa Bear soothed him sweetly with words and touch, never having to leave the bed.  Now he's not angry and he lets me even snuggle him to sleep.  This is such a huge sign to me that he was ready, as I was, to go with out nursing through the night (roughly 11 pm - 7 am).  He's still waking up a few times a night, but that's okay for now.  I'm thankful for the sleep, the help from my partner, the energy retained by not nursing all night.  And so grateful that we've been able to maintain the comfort of our family bed.  Once I stock up on sleep for a few more nights I am looking forward to enjoying the early morning stillness as my boys sleep in bed with out me.

Gratitude is an important part of my spiritual practice.  As I take stock of all I have to say "thanks" for lately I see my cup running over.  In practicing gratitude, I'm consistently looking for the good, for the beautiful, for the peace and enjoyment.  There's some hard stuff on board for sure.  Yet by looking for the good and being thankful, my heart feels full.  Here's to a beautiful week and a thankful heart!


  1. Ah, enjoy that extra sleep. You crossed that bridge. I love that you honor that. I so love reading your words! Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed our talks and am so excited to see your courage to move forward with your work. I am a bit jealous, but know that your knowledge will flow to many. I would like to do that course too. It will cycle round again. Hope your births are going well. So glad I can follow your and the boys daily paths.

  2. Thanks for these words, sweet Allison. You have much to offer to our community and are an inspiration to me as well. The class will cycle round again, I think you'd enjoy Stephanie Dawn, and when its right it will be SO RIGHT! XOXOXOX


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