Monday, October 17, 2011

week end, monday again

solo-mama-time on friday
to sit at the coffee shop and knit.
it doesn't take long to renew the spirit
if the spirit is willing.
came home and cooked dinner with a bounce in my step
best pork chops of my life:
fresh from the ASU farm, my first time cooking chops, 
man-alive, they were out of this world!  
(go get you some if you live in this neck of the woods!)

saturday i bailed on all my chores
and went to town all day.
got schooled on permaculture,
looked at an old house we are interested in,
dined and played with dear friends and kids.
then a celebration at the yoga studio:
kirtan with luna-mela
i danced and sang 
and bounced my baby boy
he was in awe of the OMs.

sunday we slept.
9 am never seemed so late
before the babe.
walking outside, holding hands
cleaning and cooking,
making imaginary plans
for the house we dream of
thinking, talking, reading
pie eating
baby wearing
leaf staring

it was good in many ways.  i opted to leave my camera behind for all we did.  and that is nice as well.
monday again.  in gratitude for the weekend, i set intentions for the week ahead: 
::be peaceful
::finish sly's hat and longies
::bottle mead
::go hiking
::write more
::release fear
::be happy

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