Saturday, November 19, 2011

merry making: jar pies

Sly and I have been home all week, so aside from "Ceasering" the 2 dogs, nursing nearly non-stop, and, ahem, spending way too much money internet shopping, I've started making (lots!) of plans for the upcoming holidays.  This is the first year that I plan to hand make the majority of my holiday gifts. Many things I'm making will have to remain top secret until after Christmas, as my sweet family is probably popping in to this space.  But some gifts I will share here, as will as some tips and trials of making home-ade presents.

There will be quite a few edible treats in my gift giving this year.  I like to make treats with a healthy(er) spin on them.  The first thing I got down on was miniature pies in mason jars.  They were so easy and fun!  The directions are outlined so simple on Our Best Bites, that it would be silly for me to re-write them here.  Let me stress how incredible simple it was.  You use wide mouth half pint jars, any pie crust you like, and any fruit or filling you have handy.  I used my favorite crust recipe from Moosewood Cookbook and blueberries from this summer's picking.  You roll out a small amount of dough for lids, press bits of dough into the jars to line them, fill 'er up with fruit, and cap 'er off!  One of the best things about this recipe is that you can make the pies far in advance, don't bake them, and store them in the freezer.  There they can wait until just before the holiday gift giving to be baked off, or they can be pulled out for last-minute dessert.  And I bet many fellow crunchy friends that receive these as gifts will be as excited about the jar as the pie!  There are so many ways to use jars, people.  In this house they are containers, glasses, vases and so much more.

photos from while the Nikon is awaiting fresh batteries

I made up 8 pies in the space of 1 baby nap.  I baked off 1 right away as a treat for the Papa Bear when he came home from work.  Plus, he is my taste-tester since I am currently wheat-free.  He seems pretty happy with this job.

I can't wait to make some more of these - I am thinking apple with a crumb topping.  And I'm even more excited about giving them out, as they are both precious, functional (with that jar and all!) and delicious!

What sorts of merry making are you getting ready for?  Gifts, parties, planning?


  1. Oh, this was such a surprise to see these here! This autumn, we had prepared everything here to make an apple pie...and then, I couldn't find my pie dish. Anywhere. So everything was ready, the children were eager to bake the pie (so they could get to eating it)...and no dish. So we made-do. I got out our little glass custard cups and our 1/2 cup jars and we made individual pies in those—just like these. But what a wonderful gift giving idea you shared here. In our moment of practicality and make do, that thought hand't occurred to me. What a lovely idea you've shared! -heather

  2. how resourceful heather! its a good idea for individual servings or gifts, im so happy to have discovered it


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