Sunday, November 20, 2011

thanks giving: a week of gratitude

A throw-back photo from Kodaikanal, India, taken by Papa Bear in December 2009
I believe that when have thankful hearts, we find contentment.  
I believe that intentions grow best in a soil of gratitude.  
I believe that giving thanks if one of the best gifts we've got to give.  
I believe that being grateful for any small joy is the quickest cure for a crummy mood.

So, for a week I'll use this space to give thanks for all the many blessings in my life, small and large.  Please join me if you, too, want to spend a week in gratitude.

This Sunday ~ Soulday, I'm thankful for:
~a wonderful partner, who made and served me oatmeal and coffee this morning
~King Curtis on the saxophone
~asana practice without a baby or dog climbing on me
~a clean, rearranged bedroom (oh!  how good that feels!)
~all the learning happening around here, for the baby, the dogs, us parents - the growth never stops, and it feel like it's peaking right now
~health and healing
~this blog, and new friends in the blogging community, and the reflection that writing offers

Feel free to share your thanks and simple joys in the comments ~ Love and Light for the week ahead!

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