Monday, November 28, 2011

simple holidays, vaccines, & breastfeeding support?

Rainy and cold on this North Carolina morning, and snow is predicted for later this week!  For the first time this season, I do hope it snows for real.  I'm catching up on news, cleaning and other "to-dos" here in our house.  I had some time over this long weekend to peruse in the blog-o-sphere and found some truly wonderful stuff.  Care to take a look?  For the sake of joy and simple information sharing:

::This old-fashioned holiday is an inspiration to me, an offer to reflect on holiday's past while creating new traditions as well.  What I really love is her suggestion to pick just a couple well-made, hand-made, (with love-made!) gifts to give, instead of the loads and loads of presents Christmas can so easily turn to.  

::MamaNatural has made these awesome, informative, unbiased, easy to understand videos about the vaccines typically given to infants.  The videos are short and so worthy of a look, no matter your stance.  Check out the video series here and join the conversation, if you'd like!

::And there's a series of thoughtful posts on unsupportive breastfeeding support over at TheLeakyBoob (one of my favorite spots on the web).  Breastfeeding mama's have probably all heard some of this, and possibly even said or done some of these things with the best of intentions in mind.  To me, it's a reminder of the important weight of tone and forethought.

Enjoy!  Feel free to share thoughts in the comments below!


  1. thanks for the new resources!
    oh, I learned something new this four year old still has his rooting reflex! uh-oh! we may be at this a while...

  2. a few friends and i were just discussing the anti-vaxx thing many people don't understand the full scope of it. i wish more mamas would research before just going with the flow!

  3. Thank you deeply for including our link as one of inspiration to you. I've found a lovely place to visit in your space as well. -heather

  4. i wont judge a mama no matter what she chooses, i just hope more folks (mamas, papas, and anyone really!) research what exactly is up with each vaccine before blindly thinking they should all be given to each child. so many people dont understand and think it is "risky" or "irresponsible" to not vax your kid. i believe it should be a personal, educated choice.
    ~thanks to both of yall for visiting and commenting! i love wordplayhouse and thehabitof being, and as a new blogger it feels so good to hear your words


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