Thursday, November 24, 2011

thanks giving: loved ones

Today!  The official holiday to count your blessings~
I give thanks for my man, my littlest man, and my sweet girly dogs...
I give thanks for our extended family's love, wether near or far...
I give thanks for my yoga practice, how it grounds me, opens me and just helps me feel like me...
I give thanks for staying home today, all day.
I give thanks for friends!
and really, oh so much more.

I can always take a lesson from this guy, his whole life is presence and gratitude.

I hope your holiday is perfect, how ever that looks for each of you.


  1. Presence and gratitude = same as with my little guy. (Well, most of the time.) How often our kids are tremendous teachers and mirrors back to us!

  2. man o man, this baby gets me! I do so love those big happy eyes, cheeky dimpled nearly toothy grin, and the incessant drool line... mmm, precious! To hold him is divine ~ his presence, sheer bliss! (Like his mama, of course ~ love you, lady!)

  3. oh goodness christie, this special boy and his mama love you, so!


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