Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just like that

My, we are in the thick of it (in more ways than one, you'll see!).  The first week of December turned to week-end, and there was holiday celebrations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!  Drinks, and sweets, and things I normally don't eat.  Laughter and cold, fresh air.  Giving of the first gifts.  It was an invigorating and fun weekend.  My Monday was been spent in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, Sly in his jammies all day, cleaning up, resting, and preparing for more merry making to come!  I have five projects going at once, along with the usual suspects: dinner, dogs, dishes.  But, I have peppermint bark and the Charlie Brown Christmas Album for motivation, and just like that, the holidays are upon us!

Quick changes have happened with my baby boy in one week's time, as well.  He sits!  He crawls!  He eats!  Just like that, I've been expanded into a whole new realm of parenting.  I'm baby-proofing, watching, and most of all enjoying Sly's delight in his new moves.  With these new skills come some bumps of the noggin', of course, but mostly it is just shrills of delight from Sly, and laughter from Mama and Papa Bear watching our baby focus on an object, and then crawl, scoot and boogie to go get it!  Amazing, these babes are.  I love to watch him learn everything for the first time.  It makes me feel like I am learning it all again, too.

I love this season of gift-giving.  It has always been incredibly satisfying to me to give a gift of love, small or large, to those I hold dear.  This time of year I generally have to hold back from giving too much or too many.  If that's even possible.  As I write those words, I feel understanding for my own Mama, who so often has given us so much.  We try to stop her, but I guess it's the way some Mama's show love.  I agree, it is fun.  This year, I am giving lots of home-ade items, more than ever before.  I hope they are enjoyed and appreciated, as I have enjoyed truly putting love and energy into each gift.  That said, I can't show too much here on the blog or it may spoil the magic of surprise!

This week I aim to finish up the making, and doing, so I can sit back in enjoyment of my home and son before the traveling for Christmas begins.  I want to be present, fully, in this time of dark, feeling it's stillness, appreciating it's zen, before the light shifts again. 

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  1. Oh, I DO want to be on your gift list...the pretty(!) wrappings...granola... peppermint bark...salve with the so-cute labels...you've made so many nice things. And you've even gotten a gift this week—several new skills learned by your little one all at once! What a week of accomplishments for both of you. -heather


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