Wednesday, December 21, 2011

happy, peaceful, present

On this darkest of nights I hope you are cozy and warm.  Maybe reflecting on the past year?  Perhaps finishing gifts?  Savoring a night of stillness before the Christmas buzz?  Or already traveling in route for holiday destinations?  Setting intentions for the coming days, months of increasing light?

This title, tonight, is more about intention setting, a wish for me and for you, than it is about what's going on in each moment around here.  And, Hello again, from around here.  I never meant to be away so long, especially with so much to share this time of year, but life! it happened again.  And is happening, so fully and deep and fast that I am here to say I will not be around more than once a week for the next month.  In this way I can be the most present possible, with my cup that runneth over and my newly crawling son.  

I've baked, wrapped, and knitted through this past week, with big plans to share it all in this space.  But now, on Solstice night, I think all that stuff can wait til next year.  Because tonight, all I really want is to savor the cool, calm of night.  And to wish each and everyone of you blessed holidays, how ever you celebrate!  May we all be happy, peaceful and present.

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