Monday, January 7, 2013

the quest to Have It All

I’ve spent the last two weeks pouring my heart into plans for 2013.  They’ve been some of the happiest weeks in the past year.  I am feeling vibrant, powerful, free and goddess-like.

These feelings of vibrancy & freedom aren’t just because of my dreams.  I think it comes from the dirty work of releasing - putting down on paper the habits & patterns that hold me back from living my best life, then burning that paper in our fire.  Making a real commitment to breaking the pattern itself.  The truly glorious part is that after this sincere release has come a flood of ideas and things I want to create in 2013.  

I am almost overwhelmed by the spectrum of all I desire for 2013.  The list ranges from Being Happy, to launching a thriving, sustainable Birth Business, to loving my man deeper than ever before, to being a patient and present parent, to committing to self-care routines, to traveling more, to finding our perfect home, to resting, to focusing clearly in dedicated, but minimal business hours and spending the majority of my time enjoying each precious moment of life with my family. That last one, that’s the big one for me.

Do some of these seem like conflicting goals?

I am the first to admit that I want it all.  I wanna have it all.  I wanna have my rockin’, thriving business that I am SO passionate about and spend most of my time at home loving my family.   I want to suck the marrow out of life this year.  I’m telling myself it will be the best year ever, and I believe it.  I’ve heard too many women say over and over that “you can’t have it all”.  I’ve heard men say it.  I’ve believed it at times.  Inspite of all the naysaying this is the desire that continues to remain for so many women I work with: We want to Have It All.

This is not a wasted dream.  Ya know what?  It is totally possible to have the life I dream of.  (And You, Too! <3)

How am I so convinced?  Because the touchstone of all I want to create this year is that I promise to:
-Listen to and follow my heart.  
-That I will do what I want.

The ability to “have it all” hinges on these aspects.  I’m not talking about having a lot of stuff or blowing a lot of money here.  I am talking about desires from the depths of my being.   I am talking about committing to listening to  my heart, and then follow through where it leads me.  The trueness of heart, not the fickleness of emotions.  I am speaking to Dharma, and to Love, and to Authenticity.  I am acknowledging that we deserve to follow our hearts to our highest life.... the life where what we desire is infact our deepest sense of self.  I am acknowledging that we deserve to love our life.  As some of my mentors have said, it is our “birth-right”.

The caveat is that we are responsible for our own happiness.  We are responsible for the making of our own incredible lives.  We are responsible for doing what we want!  What?!  Yes!  It is our work to make the choices that will enhance our lives to the maximum.  Whether that involves saying more “Yes”es, or saying more “No”s, and probably a combination of both.  

And Mamas, I am talking to you!  We can be the queens of denying what we want, not listening to our own desires because we are so busy listening to others.  Yet, we must!  We absolutely must listen to our own hearts and follow them.  We are responsible for doing what we want.  Noone else can do it for us.  And we must do this, so that we can show our children the same.  To help them bloom and tender their own wondrous dreams.

Following our hearts and doing what we want is gold.  It is the gateway from wishing to being, from self-depriving to being our brightest expression of self.  The application, the actionable steps to creating our life of love comes only after we step through this threshold.

I am committed to loving myself, committing to seeing my dreams come true.  I don’t know the how of the matter yet, but I believe strongly in the possibility of creating the life I want.  I look forward to sharing the how at this years close.  Until then, there are many moments to infuse with love & create beauty.

What are you committing to this year?  What BIG dreams are you putting down on paper and out there to the universe?  What incredible ways will you listen to yourself and love yourself?  What do you want, dear one?  Please, please share your desires and goals in the comments below.  There is so much power in speaking out what we want most - it speaks to our innate worth and value.
{I am getting some serious ummph and inspiration for 2013 from Leonie Dawson’s 2013 Incredible Year workbook & calendar!  It has been a perfect way to dive deep into what I want to manifest and put it on paper.  Ready for 2013 to be INCREDIBLE?! 
 Yes, YES, YES!!  Leonie is providing some fabulous support for me and many others.  You deserve a workbook, friend.  It’s a wondrous way to say “I love you” and “Let’s Have It All” to your Divine Self.}

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